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Heating Solutions for your Project

At Romar, we know how difficult it can be to work out what you need for your heating application. There are so many varied designs, incorporating size, shape, wattages, voltages and material considerations, that our technicians need as much information that you can provide. Some of our basic questions are –


What are you heating? Water/air/oil/caustic solutions…

How much material are you heating?

What temperature do you need to heat the material to?

Are there any sensitive instruments or equipment that need to be protected from the heat source?

Do you require single or three phase?

Any particular shape or size to fit into your equipment?

These are just some of the questions you might be asked to create the best heating solution for the desired outcome of your project.

If you require more information, give our sales team a call on 03 9761 0299 or

send an email: sales@romarelements.com.au



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