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Does your area have poor water quality?

Poor water quality is quite common in areas with high mineral soils. The water collected in natural catchments can become saturated by minerals and impurities that then become a part of our household water supply. When this water is used in appliances, such as an electric hot water service, it can quickly corrode a heating element designed for less aggressive water.

Australian land, being a wonderfully rich source of metals and minerals, is renowned for just this type of problem, particularly in W.A and S.A.

There are a couple of things that can help assist the life of the heating element in a hot water service tank.

  1. A higher quality sheath material, such as Incoloy (not the typical copper sheath type)
  2. Sacrificial anodes, which will attract the corrosive impurities rather than the element itself (sacrificial anodes much be checked and often replaced regularly)
  3. A lower watts density element, which delivers the same heat, with less intensity

If you do live in an area well known for it’s water impurities, or notice that you seem to be replacing your heating elements yearly or even monthly, consider the above options when buying a new heating element.

Need more information about heating elements?

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