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Heating Elements for your Coffee Machine

Coffee Machine
Coffee Machine Out of Order?
No one likes missing out on their daily coffee, and if you run a cafe, a broken coffee machine could mean no customers.
At Romar, we can’t tell you what is wrong with your machine, but if you know you need a heating element, we can help.
Heating Elements for Coffee Machines
Various Coffee Machine Elements

Getting your heating element fixed.

Romar Elements can manufacture heating elements for new or old style coffee machines and we have rebuilt heating elements for machines which are now considered antique. As long as you still have the old element, we can create sheathed tubular element to suit.

What we need to fix a broken heating element.

If you need your element re-built, we will ask for the sample to be sent or brought in to our factory. The sample will be checked for immersion length, voltage and wattage, diameter and formation. This information is then transferred onto a design sheet and the element sample is dismantled. The tubular parts of the element are scrapped and the  head of the sample is checked for any faults (wear and tear) and then shot blast clean. We will then manufacture new element/s, and refit by forming then soldering into the head. New terminations will be fitted and  a new gasket (ask if required) can be supplied to fit.

How much will it cost?

There are so many different variations on form, material, length and terminations, we cannot give exact quotes until we see your heating element. However, the below table is a guide to help you establish the minimum cost for a replacement.


SINGLE ELEMENT FROM $80+GST  (The elements has 2 terminations)

DOUBLE ELEMENT FROM $90+GST (The elements has 4 terminations as below picture)

TRIPLE ELEMENT FROM $100+GST (The elements has 6 terminations)

To determine how many heating elements are in the head, simply count the terminals at the top. Each element has two terminations, one at either end. The elements below show four terminations protruding from the head, they are all double elements.

coffee machine heating element
Head of Coffee Element

For a single element there will be two terminations protruding from the head and for a triple element there will be six terminations.

How long does it take to fix/remake an element?

Manufacturing generally takes around ten days, however, if your business relies on a coffee machine, Romar can refurbish your broken element in 24 hours, for an emergency breakdown fee, as long as we have the original element sample.

*Please note the 24 hr manufacturing time does not include delivery time.

Stocked Coffee Machine Elements.
We do keep a small supply of our most popular heating elements on shelf, which you can click here to check our stock.

Call our friendly staff if you have questions about your Coffee Machine Heating Element.

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Alternatively, send us an email with all the relevant details and we will get back to you.

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