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Can’t find a replacement Heating Element for the oven or appliance you love?

These days, many customers are told that everything is made overseas and therefore their old appliance is useless if the heating element stops working. This is not always true.

Romar Elements is among the small number of Australian businesses today that still manufacture their own product. Staff at Romar are always happy to help customers find replacement heating elements for domestic, commercial and industrial applainces, machinery or equipment. And, because we design and manufacture our own products, we can replicate, custom design or use existing parts to refurbish the heating element you require.

We can give you a free, no obligation quote to manufacture a heating elements if you call/text or email a photo, measurements and quantity required.  If you decide to accept our quote, we will often need the old element to replicate. If this is not possible, we will require an accurate drawing and measurements, including any supporting accessories.

While some cheaper appliances may not be ecconomical to fix, there are many people who don’t want to lose a robust and dependable oven, hot water system, dryer or coffee machine…

So, if anyone tells you, “No one makes heating elements in Australia anymore,” call or email us – we are here to help.

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